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Our Mission
PsoriaCare is a California based company whose mission is to help those afflicted with psoriasis lead normal lives by controlling their condition naturally without the use of steroids, biologics and all the complications they entail.

Our Essence
At our core, PsoriaCare exists to positively impact the lives of our clients.

Our Promise
We will deliver natural, safe, effective products & information to our psoriasis family to help them live life to the fullest in spite of their affliction.

Our Vibe
At PsoriaCare, we make magic. We can't cure it but we can control psoriasis symptoms.

Our History
We started making the treatment in 2017 as a contract manufacturer for another company that has since gone out of business. Their customers loved the product so much they hunted us down and convinced us to continuing supplying the product. When the original stock was depleted we decided to launch it under our own brand and PsoriaCare was born in May of 2020. We have expanded the line with new product offerings and will continue to develop new and innovative ways to treat psoriasis that are safe and cost effective.

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